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Home improvements are effective in maintaining a strong home valuation. When you are getting ready to sell, these projects will help ensure that you get the highest price for your home. Some home improvement projects offer a better return on investment than others, and projects may be prioritized based on the condition and age of your home.

Maintaining your home is also an important part of home value retention. We advise seasonal upkeep for both the interior and exterior spaces of your home. Home maintenance advice and schedules can be found in our News to Use section, as well as our monthly newsletter.

Would you like a more personalized approach for determining which home improvement and maintenance projects would bring the greatest return on investment for your home? If so, please contact us or fill out the Sellers Quick Request Form below, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Would you like some additional ideas for improving and maintaining your home? If so, please complete the following Sellers Quick Request Form. We will be happy to provide you with some outstanding ideas as to how you can best prepare your home to sell.

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